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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

~ Hippocrates











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Mind, Body and Spirit

What is Integrative Psychiatry? 

Integrative Psychiatry blends the beneficial aspects of contemporary psychiatry and its modern advances with complementary healing therapies. The integrative philosophy is a departure from the disease model of modern psychiatry and its tendency to view aspects of the human experience as aberrant and "sick". Rather, integrative psychiatry takes a more naturopathic view, one that supports the innate strivings of all beings toward a state of good health. The approach is a return to the teachings of Hippocrates, who observed, "natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."

My practice offers a highly individualized approach to mental health that seeks to understand and address the issues uniquely relevant to each individual.  As all aspects of mind, body, and spirit are explored, imbalances become accessible for a treatment designed to support the natural forces within and restore a state of wellbeing and clarity. These may include nutritional approaches, plant-based supplements, total health assessment, yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy. 

The integral role of psychotherapy distinguishes my practice.  When aspects of personal intimacy, career and academic satisfaction, creative expression, and spiritual life are not flourishing, the role of psychotherapy is essential for change. 

Therapies for Children

Recent trends in psychiatry have increasingly narrowed the definition of what constitutes "normal" behavior in children. This has resulted in the over-diagnosis of many children whose experience may fall within the range of normal child development. This also coincides with the recent unprecedented use of pharmaceuticals in developing minds. Nowadays, Huckleberry Finn and Pippi Longstocking might find themselves medicated! The long-term effects of many of these medications have not yet been studied, and many carry risks that are currently unknown.

My practice offers consultation for children and families regarding non-pharmaceutical alternatives designed to nourish the spirit of a child. Therapies based in nutrition, exercise, creativity, yoga, play therapy, family therapy, and school intervention are encouraged for the range of emotional and behavioral presentations during childhood and adolescence.  Ongoing treatment is offered for children ages 12 and older.